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Ti-Coating, Inc. was established in 1975 to provide new and innovative thin film coating technology, service and equipment to the metal removal and metal forming industries.

Over the past 30 years Ti-Coating, Inc. has continued to improve coating processes originally developed for the carbide cutting tool industry. The technology advancement achieved during this period has expanded the products into a broad range of CVD and PVD coating compounds being used to increase productivity and provide solutions for difficult metal removal and metal forming applications seen in industry today. Moving forward for the future, thin film coating technology is providing improved productivity and performance in a variety of products for the medical and aerospace industries, as well as many applications involving the manufacturing of industrial components. Our coatings and services are competitively priced and we pride ourselves on outstanding service to our customers.

Vapor Phase Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning or HFIC, was introduced in 1985 as a method to clean gas turbine super-alloys.  This is a process step in preparation for the repair of cracks and other damage found in field run high temperature gas turbine engine components. HFIC is commonly used today as a process for aerospace as well as land based power generating gas turbines.

This chemical cleaning allows the repair technician to achieve a superior high temperature braze joint and has become an indispensable step in the braze repair process. On new components, HF Cleaning assures a successful braze the first time. This means when there is no time to braze it twice or when the alloy's composition is too critical for multiple heatings, HF Cleaning is an excellent choice as a pre-braze preparation.

At Ti-Coating, Inc. we understand that outstanding service means a fast turnaround on your job. For carbide inserts our policy is: receive today, coat tomorrow, ship out the third day.
For CVD coated steel tools: 5-7 days in-house. For PVD coated steel or carbide tools: 3-5 days in-house. Call us and ask for our express service, you will see that Ti-Coating, Inc.
truly responds to your needs.

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About Ti-Coating, Inc.

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